Day: September 15, 2002

  • MacOpz: Build your own Mac.  From scratch. [via /.]

  • Scripting News: Straw, a Gnome 2 desktop aggregator gets a plug/linkage from Dave:

    Straw is a desktop news aggregator for the GNOME environment. I got an interesting email from the author of the program, Juri Pakaste, asking if it made sense to add features to RSS 2.0 that link to a blogroll and a list of subscriptions. My philosophy is that yes if it makes sense to Juri, then I think it’s cool. Why? Because he’s out there developing software for the format, and he’s friendly about it (even though it competes with my own software). It’s only because we are trying to work out a compromise that I don’t just add the features to the 2.0 spec right now, and add support for it to the Radio serializer. In other words, we could move a lot faster if we didn’t try to placate our critics. (And lots of luck with that, I don’t think they’re looking to settle.)

    I’m not sure if Straw actually competes with any of Userland’s products since none of Userland’s products run in a Linux environment.

  • Dave: A test version of the RSS 2.0 serializer for Radio is out.  I’ll wait until the kinks are worked out, but it shouldn’t break your feed for RSS .9x aggregators.

  • PHP Journal:

    PHP Journal is the only magazine whose sole intent is to help grow the PHP community. PHP Journal expands your reach with in-depth technical articles that allow developers to leverage the language to its fullest and promotes adoption through advocacy by highlighting the language’s versatility.

    It looks like Jeremy Zawodny‘s handling the web work.  Subscriptions are available on the website.

  • Slashdot: Keanu Reeves as Superman? He could probably pull it off, though it would have to have the Keanu, “whoa” line in it.

  • Ron Lusk:

    This explains why an attorney I know responded to my presentation on blogging with, “But that’s not billable time: I have to bill to a client, don’t I?”


  • I’m currently putting a dent in Kenneth Hunt‘s bandwidth and snagging Unreal Tournament 2003.