Day: September 13, 2002

  • Blogdex has started crawling my blog.

  • Abbot: An XML based toolkit for building Graphic User Interfaces.

  • Camero: A webcam system using MySQL, with a web based interface and a portal-like interface for users.

  • GKrellM 2.0: A new version of the coolest system monitor thingie for the Linux desktop for Gnome2. If you run linux and have Gnome or Gnome2 libraries, you should be running this on your desktop.

  • Mozilla Calendar: Now with fresh iCal support. [via Russ, whom I shall refer to by his first name]

  • Mick Bauer: An article at Linux Journal about running Snort and other intrusion detection systems without an ip address.

  • Russell Beattie: “It dawned on me today as I was talking about my website and projects and such that my “get it done” attitude is great for my personal ambitions and project goals, but it may not be the best plan of action if I’m ever going to show off the stuff I’m writing to prospective employers.”

  • OSNews: Gentoo user-users vs. developer-users:

    The users’ main gripe (except the involved installation process) is that Gentoo takes too long to compile either itself (during installation) or when later compiling big packages (eg. KDE/Gnome) or when updating the system. Installing the system, using the Stage 1 tarball, can take from 24 hours up to 2 days, depending on the power of your system. Also, (un)fortunately, most packages have new ebuilds in the Portage tree every few days or weeks, with fixed bugs. This is of course a good thing. But it is not when you need to wait hours to recompile from scratch all these packages every few days. And when “updating world”, most of the times it would take a while. This is a tiring process.

  • Web Services with AppleScript and Perl.

    You can’t create a SOAP web service with AppleScript, but you can have it act as a SOAP web client and use Perl to create the service. So it becomes a simple matter of passing structured data between Perl and AppleScript, with the Perl service running either on the same machine or remotely. This is much nicer than firing off a new Perl process with the do shell script AppleScript extension, because the startup time is much faster and thus the latency is nearly eliminated. Also, state can be preserved without having to scribble it down to disk between invocations, such as a hard-to-marshal database connection or cached results.

  • Goodbye

    My grandmother passed away this evening. She had lived about eight years after a major stroke.  I saw her this afternoon and she was sleeping, tired.  She was ready.  I’m sad but I understand.  They say she wasn’t in pain.  She left so many good memories behind.  She will be missed and remembered.

    If my blog becomes sparse any time in the near future, this is why.  If I post more than I usually do, it’s a coping mechanism.