Day: September 8, 2002

  • Sam Ruby is crawling 1000 random RSS feeds to see how many times different elements show up.  Here are the results.

  • Kenneth Hunt points out that today is Aimee Mann’s birthday.  I picked up her newest cd, Lost in Space, and it’s great.

  • Spurrier leads the Washington Redskins to a 31-23 win over the Cardinals.

  • Ed Cone’s year after 9/11 column was posted/published today.  It was a personal story amid the metanews.

  • Straw: A Gnome 2 desktop RSS aggregator.  It is a GPL’d app written in python.  It’s still in early development, but it already includes auto-rss-feed-finding.  Given the author’s screenshots, it looks like the two of us share at least several feeds that we read.  Good stuff.

  • So I had every osOpinion story since November 7, 2000 hit Radio’s RSS aggregator this morning.  It was amusing and annoying.