Day: September 4, 2002

  • RSS Tutorial for Content Publishers and Webmasters: An introduction to RSS for non-webloggers. [via Mark Pilgrim]

  • The Great Debate

    Ed Cone (and pointed to by Dave):

    Howard Berman will be a participant in this debate on intellectual property issues at the Cato Institute in DC on Sept. 19. It’s free, and you even get lunch. This might be an interesting thing to blog–is there someone in that area who can go?

    Registered.  I live just outside DC.  I hope the event will get some coverage from a more talented weblogger, but I will definately attend and cover it.

  • Forgot the time? NIST has the geekiest solution possible.  Here’s an example for US Eastern Time.

  • Pretty Numbers

    Watch calculating pi:

    This is the visual simulator for the Pi calculator using SHM. This program simulates an SHM without using trigonometric functions, and displays it as #s on the screen (a must see for all geeks, fond of watching films on text mode). This program does NOT calculate the value of pi. If you want the program that calculates Pi using SHM, or are a new visitor check out the previous release first.

  • Fuzzy Little Content Management Systems


    ewok is a web content management system (CMS), written in Perl (Embperl), and released under the GNU GPL (see Licence). It attempts to significantly lower the bar for content creation by non-technical users, while simultaneously offering web gurus the kind of extensibility and flexibility they need to create serious content. Using Embperl, it allows (properly permissioned) pages to execute arbitrary perl code, allowing integration with just about anything. It is suitable for use in intranet environments, internet website content creation, and ISP contexts.

  • Confuse the Stumblers

    Fake-AP: “If one access point is good, 53,000 must be better.” [via Aaron]

  • P4 Prices Down

    Intel Slashes P4 prices: ZDNet covers the price cuts. [via PCLinuxOnline]

    Intel lowered the 2.4GHz processor price by 52 percent, from $400 to $193. It dropped the price of its 2.2GHz and 2.26GHz Pentium 4 chips by 20 percent, from $241 to $193 each. Meanwhile, the 2GHz Pentium 4 dropped 16 percent from $193 to $163, and the 1.8GHz went from $163 to $143.

  • Adrian Holovaty lists even more BBC RSS feeds

    More BBC RSS Feeds: 39 to be exact.  Some regional, educational, entertainment, biz, tech, and more.

  • Wardriving

    Slashdot is running a story today about Worldwide (read: California) WarDriving Day on Aug 31.  The story also linked to some wardriving swag:

    Get your wardriving swag now before it’s too late.

  • Blogging Roller & JIRA

    David Johnson’s Blogging Roller gets a JIRA boost: Atlassian’s JIRA is now powering  Blogging Roller’s issues and bugs.  JIRA’s ‘dashboard’ is pretty slick.

  • Worst. Printer Name. Evar!

    Epson debuts silliest-named printer ever: The 10600.  Huh?  Who got paid what to think of that?  (Update: If you pronounce it Ten-Six-Hundred, it’s not so bad)

    Built using the same print engine as the 10000, the 10600 model sports Photo Accelerator Technology, which offers full performance when outputting RGB-based image files.

  • Tara Sue Grubb for Congress:

    Candidates have been e-mailing me about the blog.  Some have or are planning to start their own blog.  Let us hope it will be used effectively and honestly.

    As Dave would say, Bing!

  • John Robb

    John Robb:

     Is it just me or is weblogspace looking more and more like a group mind?  A new organism.  If so, this is the first example of this ever.  Why not write about the mechanics of this?   How can a 1/2 million smart people (1/3 on UserLand, 1/3 on Blogger, and 1/3 on other systems) and 5-10 m readers cooperate to create a new paradigm for conscious life?  How can we incorporate more people without becomming too chaotic for any advancement?  Is this worthwhile?  

  • RPC::XML

    RPC::XML: A perl implementation of XML-RPC turns 0.44 for a bugfix update.