Day: August 30, 2002

  • [H]: Abit has an awesome new video card with a cooling fan that intakes from outside of the case.  Quite an intelligent hack.

  • I love subscribing to websites that don’t make their RSS/RDF feeds obvious.  Todays case:  You can subscribe to them via their backend.php, at least until they find me polling them every hour… It looks like a great site, and RSS feeds are crucial for keeping track of stuff to read.  They’re currently running an article on Cocoon, an XML publishing system based on Apache. [article via loosely coupled]

  • Sherlock 3: Confusing the definition of web services for everyone.

  • Spring: A really cool OSX desktop app that looks like it makes communications and visualizations easier.  I can’t say that I can run it, but it looks cool.

  • ICFP 2002 Programming Contest Challenge Task: Simulate robots picking up packages and defending themselves against other robots.  It’s a pretty cool task.

  • RSS Updates:

    • RSS 0.94 Spec: “Until this comment disappears, consider this a draft, a work in progress.”
    • RSS 0.94 Changes: There are a few new elements introduced in 0.94
    • RSS 0.94 Roadmap: “UserLand will continue to add optional features to RSS, in cooperation with others in the content and tools communities. We anticipate small steps, simple additions, no overhauls, maintaining backward compatibility with previous versions. A version N file is also a version N+1 file.”
  • Freshmeat Gems of the Day (FMGOTD):

    PHP Weather: A great way to add current weather conditions to your web site, weblog, homepage, or launch page.  I played with this quite some time ago, and it looks like many features have been added.

    AWOL: “AWOL is an in-out board, similar to something you’d see on the wall of a lobby, or desk of a switchboard operator, to keep track of who’s in the building, when they’ll be back, etc.” There is also a review of AWOL at Montana Linux.

  • O’Reillynet: Recently uncovered Windows API goodies.

  • Civil: A still young but constantly improving civil war strategy game.  I’ll have to check it out later.  Previously it was only available via CVS.  Congradulations to the Civil team.

  • Rael implements TrackBack for Blosxom

  • Good Morning!

  • Time to go to bed.

  • CNet: Apple is open-sourcing Rendezvous, as well as encouraging open source development of it and for it.

    “If you don’t have it proliferate, it’s the sound of one hand clapping,” said Brian Croll, senior director of worldwide product marketing for Apple’s software unit.

  • Heh!  I just found out that David Gammel (of high context fame) lives somewhat near me outside of DC.