Day: August 29, 2002

  • Fuzzyblog: A great article on why you don’t see JSP or ASP as an option for most/any bare bones webhosting packages.  They just can’t afford it.  It is also a good look into what these companies do to stay profitable.  Two open-source ISP management/billing suites are also discussed: CMBS and Freeside.

  • Web Review: It makes me sad to see a site that I learned a lot from (webreview) be so stale and out of date. They are currently sporting the Feb 11 issue, and it makes me sad. Really sad. Visibly sad. Web Techniques, now new.architects, pales in comparison to the original publication. *Sigh*

  • Tracking the “All your base” meme through usenet.

  • The Open Blender Project: An overview of what will become of blender and the many web sites involved.

  • Standalone TrackBack:

    The standalone TrackBack implementation is now released. This tool allows anyone with a server capable of running CGI scripts to send and receive TrackBack pings, and display those pings on their public site.