Day: August 28, 2002

  • Just code it.

  • Ed Cone reports:

    Jerry, a one-year-old Siamese fighting fish (betta), was found dead in his bowl this morning at his home in Greensboro. He had been looking lethargic and, as Sydney noted, he had that same weird coloring that Rainbow got before HE died. Jerry was a good fish and will be missed long after the next fish arrives this evening–even after the puppy comes next month. Jerry was buried at sea in a private ceremony held in the children’s bathroom.

    My condolances go out to Ed and his family.  Having lost household pets in the past, it is often hard to cope.  May Jerry be remembred.

  • Tins:::: “But with electronic writing, you don’t have page numbers. And in the legal profession, there is a strong push to identify ‘pin-point’ cites. If you have a long post with dozens of paragraphs, it’s hard for someone to identify the source of the particular assertion.”

  • Snipsnap: A java-based weblog/wiki tool. [via Blogging Roller]

  • Monthly archives are now available.  This will probably only help in finding old links and posts.

  • Jeremy Zawodny:

    Tip of the day. When there’s network maintenance going on, don’t try to test your work remotely (like from home at 11pm on a Friday). Why? You application will behave as if it’s on crack. You’ll wonder why. You’ll debug. You’ll become completely mystified.

    Then you’ll remember the announcement from earlier in the week. The one about the pending network changes on Friday night.

  • Modemnet: Linux on the Desktop/Lycoris DesktopLX review.  They seem to love it.  DesktopLX seems to be errily like WindowsXP sometimes, and I don’t know how I feel about that.

  • Mental Note: point to news less, focus on original content more.

  • Galeon:

    While all may seem quiet in galeon world, we are working hard on Galeon 2, a new major version based on Gnome 2. We decided to do a full rewrite of the our code base because of the huge changes in Gnome architecture, to improve maintainability and stability.

  • LinuxJournal: Getting started with Java on Linux.  It’s a very good installation guide.

  • Cory Doctorow: A Sci-Fi short story running on Salon about hacking your body.

  • Lawrence Lee: Monthly archives for Radio.

  • Ray Ozzie: “PUBLISHING IS DEAD. Gone, a relic of the past, dead as a doornail, breathless, buried. According to police reports, one-way publishing was killed off by a technology – Weblogs – that have reshaped journalism forever.”