Day: August 27, 2002

  • Apple sold more than 100,000 copies of Jaguar,
    OSX 10.2. Go them!

  • Universal Rule: Is this me?

    I browsed through some of my posts here. This weblog is sort of a public notebook about software, hardware, science, and writing. I noticed that the “opinion pieces” didn’t feel quite like I had written them. That is partly due to my lack of English, and partly due to writing without polishing.

    I have a pretty good handle on the English language, but I sometimes find myself frustrated with my writing.  I think I remember starting this weblog to chronicle links, news, and opinions and simultaneously hone my technical/geeky writing skills.  I’m not sure if this weblog has helped that at all, but I think it has helped me grasp a faint image of the big picture.

  • Mozilla 1.1: Bugfixes, optimizations, stability, and more.  You can snag it from the releases page.

  • I finally finished installing my beta copy of .Net Server RC1 last night on my mini-itx board.  One thing that I really like about .Net Server as compared to Windows 2000 server is that the system requirements are a little more relaxed.  You can run .NS on as little as a P133 with 128MB of ram, though I don’t think I would want to.  It seemed pretty responsive on my Via Eden 500MHz with 128MB of ram.  I probably wouldn’t use it as a server and have someone on the desktop, but it could sit on the shelf and serve things up all day long pretty quickly.

    A full review will follow in a couple of days, or when I stumble upon some free time.

  • Cobosoda: Referral log gem of the day. It is a GPL’d version of the ever-addicting soda constructor, which I found on webmonkey a year or two ago. I found this via the Heavily Commented Chunks Found on page, which is interesting in itself.