Day: August 26, 2002

  • GoFish: A low-usage gopher server.  The world needs more gopher servers, I miss them.  I’d love to see a post-apocalyptic world in whcih we access the web or the net with gopher…

  • Highlight 1.2: Turns source code from pretty much any language into HTML, XHTML, RTF, or LaTeX.

  • OpenMOSIX:

    The openMosix 2.4.19-2 release includes Robert Love’s memory over-commit protection patch (ported to openMosix), making the OOM killer optional, a significantly faster load balancer and reduced kernel latencies (vs. openMosix 2.4.18).

  • Gran PM: web-based project management.

  • Moodle: A web-based tool for creating and administrating courses online.

  • Pub Etiquette: A great and well-written guide to survival in a British pub.  This is written for the uptight American, and is worth a read.  It has killed quite a bit of my morning downtime at work.

  • Back in the day:

    Back in the day, something started. Or maybe it was there all along, for some other people, in some other space; virtual or not. Whatever it is, it’s still going now, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

  • Here are a few quickies before I head off to work:

    • Cool iBook art: High end look, very cool.
    • The Seminole Webserver: A freshmeat find, looks like it is intended for embedded applications.
    • Rael pointed out this beautiful blosxom blog about OSX.
    • Mozilla IE Skin: I read about this last night, you can make Mozilla look and feel exactly like IE, except it doesn’t crash…
    • Get Your LaTeX on: Just linkage to the official homepage of LaTeX.
    • Phillip Pearson’s bzero: a commandline based blogging tool that allows you to publish to a RCS or pycs server.
    • Flight Gear: I played around with it a little yesterday, it’s a great open-source flight sim, though the docs left me wanting to get FSPro2002.
    • Linux Scholar Challenge: Hack a linux project, win a Thinkpad?
    • Long Live Sneakernet! Wired News reports that sneakernet is reborn with cd’s and other portable media.
    • Trackback: “We also have plans on releasing more in-depth TrackBack documentation (about the system itself and how it can be implemented), along with a standalone version of TrackBack that does not rely on Movable Type. These will be released soon–we have a few more changes to make to them.”
    • Tara Sue’s new website: Manilla of course, and Dave’s on the case.
  • I have a cold.  *Cough Cough*