Day: August 24, 2002

  • Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar: An O’Reillynet article about some of the open-source stuff under the hood of OSX 10.2.

  • The Weblog Election: Tara Sue Grubb is running for congress on her weblog against Coble.

  • jCIFS: A CIFS/Samba implementation in pure Java.

  • John Robb:

    Just to point out the disparity of costs between decentralized publishing and centralized publishing.  Say you have 100,000 people that you want to enable to publish a weblog.  Given that these are weblogs and not simple homepages (like GeoCities) that are published once and forgotten, a couple of things change.  People use the functionality daily, if not several times a day.  They also build massive sites.  Compared to a one or two page “designed” personal home page on the last generations site builders, the user of a weblog system will quickly find themselves publishing sites with hundreds if not thousands of pages.   They get big fast.

    He has a little more to say about p2p/distributed weblogging, and I think he’s on target with what next-gen publishing/weblog systems will have to be in order to succeed.

  • CompactBSD: Roll your own lightweight/embedded OpenBSD-based solution.

  • Bitkeeper: The source managing system of Linus’ choice is thinking about changing its license.

  • Mono 0.15: Judging from the release notes, lots is new here.

  • The R in RSS 1.0: A primer for RSS/RDF.

    The use of RDF in RSS has produced reactions ranging from support for the use of RDF so strong that its proponents can’t envision a sane argument against to a dislike verging on a phobia (often related to onomacoelphobia – the irrational fear of namespaces).