Day: August 19, 2002

  • Russell Beattie: “My CODE SUCKS”

  • PGP Corporation: Apparently they’ve bought the assets from Network Associates and will be releasing PGP 8.0.  MacNN has the story:

    The new company will immediately license and support current versions of PGP products to current, lapsed, and new PGP customers. PGP has posted detailed customer transition information on its Website and will immediately accept orders for license renewal and new software purchases as well as upgdrade freeware licenses via special promotional pricing being offered through October of this year. The company also PGP 8.0 which is due to ship in November of this year, which will will include PGP Mail and PGP Disk. It will offer full Mac OS X support, compatibility with PGP disks created on Windows, AES algorithm support, and compatibility with older Mac OS 9 PGP disks. PGP Mail will integrate with Apple’s mail application as well as providing support for Microsoft’s Entourage.

    Of course it has also been slashdotted, so all I get at their website is this:

    Warning: Too many connections in /var/www/html/pgp/conn.php on line 7

    Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Too many connections in /var/www/html/pgp/conn.php on line 7
    Error: Could not connect to MySql

  • OSCache: Cache yer JSP’s in memory, enjoy increased performance.  Woohoo!

  • The Saturn Times: An awesome java resource and blog.

  • Diffie-Hellman to the izzo: Linux Journal plays with crypto.

  • Jake: Here’s hoping that my reliance on older hardware isn’t about to bite me in the ass.

  • PC Linux Online: The next Red Hat beta is out, called null.  It sports GCC-3.2 and “lots-o-bugfixes”

  • Groove 2.1 is released.

  • Goodness, it was a long day.  We took the rental Maxima up Highway 1 from San Luis Obispo to Monterey.  What a drive it was.  We’re back now, it’s 1:30ish local and 4:30ish where I’m from, so here’s this evening’s RSS wrapup from the left coast: