Day: August 17, 2002

  • SprintPCS: They rock and suck simultaneously, and I use them.  Their account management server is down (again), but they have apparently launched some pseudo-3G goodness called vision.  I’d hop on, early adopter that I am, except I hadn’t recently overpaid for a Sanyo SCP 6200.  Knowing Sprint, it’ll be a great service that will be great when it works, but will be the bane of your existance when it is broken.

  • John Robb also has a laundry list of things you can do with TCP.IM.

  • Lawrence’s Notebook:

    Hello World! I’m posting via IM!

  • ThinRSS: A tiny Java Web Start enabled application that allows you to read RSS feeds. [rebelutionary via zopen-x]

  • Thinblog: Phillip Pearson (of ecosystem fame) doesn’t like to sleep.  He really likes the thinlet gui toolkit (which looks sweet), and thought he’d release more cool stuff upon the world.  Thinblog is a blogger client that weighs in as an 86k jar file.  Three cheers for tight code!

  • TCP.IM: Here’s the beta.

  • 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web: A piece from A List Apart that looks good, I’ll have to do more than skim it when I get back from vacation.

  • Wow!  Dave points out some new functionality for Radio and Frontier:

    Heads-up, some time in the next 24 hours we’re going to release, which allows Radio and Frontier to be an instant messaging client or server (either can be either).

  • Yep.  I’m in San Louis Obisbo, or somewhere pretty near it.  LA was fun, now I’m a little further up the coast.  I’ll be making a trip to Fry’s, the geek Mecca, sometime before I leave.