Day: August 13, 2002

  • Ack!  I’m falling behind in the RSS feeds and I haven’t even left yet!

  • Ha!  I got her back up and running.  I booted from a win2k CD and did a restore.  I’m sure it has fuxored my registry, because I’m constantly being asked to install stuff.  A clean install is coming, but for now it should be able to sit idle and serve me from across the country.

  • I guess that’s karma for you.  My Win2k box is having issues and will only boot into safe mode.  My weblog may not update for a week after all.  I’ll do my best to get her back online before I leave for CA.

  • California

    Good morning!  I’m going to California tomorrow for a week, and I leave tomorrow.  I have several options open for blogging remotely, though it hinges on a win2k box staying up (It has UPS so it should be okay) and my cable connection to not crap out.  It’s the cable connection that I’m more worried about.  As long as my server stays up, I’ll be blogging by email and blogging remotely.

    I’m running around today getting ready for the trip, but I’m sure I’ll hop online and try to keep caught up on the RSS feeds.  I’m told that the hotel that we’re staying in has WebTV, but I’m not sure a) if this is correct and b) if it won’t cost an arm and a leg.  If it’ll run me $10-20, I’ll do it.  Any more and you can fuggedaboutit.

  • USA Today: A riveting piece about 9/11 from the eyes of the FAA and air traffic controllers.  It’s intense reading.