Day: August 11, 2002

  • Sam Ruby: Bloxify your radio weblog.  It absolutely rocks.  Just a bit of elegant perl, and away you go.  Sam’s Raelified weblog is here.  I think that wins the cool hack of the day award.  It’s not often that a few lines of code bring a smile to my face.  Okay, well, at least not a big grin.  🙂

  • US Airways Files Chapter 11: Whew, I’m glad I’m flying Southwest.  This is pretty big.  No huge scandal, no accounting irregularities, just vanilla post-9/11 economic soup.

  • Ack!  I’m leaving for a week long trip to California and Wednesday.  I feel all kinds of unprepared.

  • QTAdmin: A great looking MySQL manager for Linux.  I’ll have to snag it and try it out.  [via Jeremy Zawodny]

  • Cool new shit:

    Plans to incorporate into RSS (and other types of news aggregation services) are DEFFINITELY in the works..

  • Lemonade: A basic content management system written in Perl.  From the website, it looks like it has clean lines, which is one of those things that I’m all about.