Day: August 8, 2002

  • I upgraded a 2000 box to SP3.  About the only thing I can notice is a “Set Program Access and Defaults” icon on my start menu.

  • .Net Server update: I burned a CD from the ISO last night before I crashed.  If I can fit enough components together, I’ll try to bring it up this evening.

  • FreeVSD: IBM’s introduction to the virtual server daemon.  Yet another thing to keep an eye on.

  • Up to the minute information about the transatlatic RC plane project I wrote about yesterday is available.  Slashdot also picked it up and ran with it.

  • I just got back from seeing My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Windex cures all.  It’s really an amazing movie that will make you laugh till you hurt.  The theatre was almost packed for a 9:40 showing on a wednesday night.  No wonder it was #9 in the box office last weekend and it has been out since before Spider Man.

  • I’m currently downloading my beta copy of .Net server, we’ll see how it goes.  Right now it’s at about 150k/s, so I won’t complain.  Now all I have to do is throw together a box for it.