Day: August 6, 2002

  • I don’t know if I like it or if I’m scared, but the Slashdot story about Bruce Sterling’s speech on open source hit the web two days after I heard about it. I guess reading multitudes of primary sources is A Good Thing.

  • Is your website KISS compliant?  Gerry Patterson is right on with how the Keep it Simple, Stupid philosophy works for web sites and web design, and that it works well:

    Occam’s Razor has become the cornerstone of post-Renaissance scientific philosophy. The infamous razor can be applied to systems analysis and software design, where it is usually referred to as KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

    KISS is an excellent design strategy for websites. KISS websites can work, can work fast, can work with all browsers and can get listed with the search engines.

    What more could you possibly want from a website?

  • I didn’t understand the term ‘warblogging’ until I started clicking around the blogging ecosystem.  I didn’t know they were out there, and I wish I hadn’t found them.  Ick.

  • What are the goals of CMS? Column two answers.

  • ZDNet UK:

     While the processor’s design is still under wraps, the companies say Cell’s capabilities will allow it to deliver one trillion calculations per second (teraflop) or more of floating-point calculations. It will have the ability to do north of 1 trillion mathematical calculations per second, roughly 100 times more than a single Pentium 4 chip running at 2.5GHz

    The ‘Cell’ will most likely be the chip behind Sony’s Playstation 3, and might also creep into servers from IBM and set top boxes from Toshiba.  There are a lot of generic technical specs in the article that sounds pretty cool as long as everything pans out.

  • Clemens Vasters:

    Transactions are for pessimistic cynics. I love transactions.

  • Let’s change Java again!  Here’s an article running on O’Reillynet.  I agree that Java is aging, but I can remember how frustrated I was starting to learn Java 1.1/AWT just to have to learn everything over again 6 months later with 1.2/Swing.

  • Clear Channel sucks again:

    You know, the one who calls himself Mark in the Dark or Dangerous Dick and breaks into the “50-minute music hour” to tell you about the county fair and the Red Cross blood drive?

    Odds are he’s not around, so don’t even think about calling the request line. The chances are pretty good that the man behind the voice lives in another time zone, appears on stations in four states, and picks up local color by reading newspapers online. He may even have taped his show last month then gone on vacation to some exotic locale he’s never visited. Like, say, your town.

    But Clear Channel shows no signs of losing its devotion to voice tracking. With the help of technology, the company is creating mini-chains of stations that share the same nicknames, logos, formats and personalities. Twenty-five Clear Channel rock stations are named “Mix” — from Mix 102.9 in Dallas to Mix 102.7 in Sandusky, Ohio — and 46 rock stations called KISS litter the country from Casper, Wyoming to Savannah, Georgia. [Wired]

  • MattSchwack: dude, I got linked!  🙂
    crawford131313: ooo…cool <checks it out>
    crawford131313: nice.  rock on
    MattSchwack: hehe yeah.  I almost freaked out this morning cause I was catching up on news, and it was like seeing yourself on the 11 o’clock news, except not.  It was weird.  I partied.