Day: August 3, 2002

  • I’ve finally signed up for metafilter!  Thanks, Xian, for the heads up!

  • Publishing Privately: how to publish a selected category “behind the firewall.”

  • Linux kernel 2.4.19 is out!  Grab it here.

  • Python resources:

    • Metakit: Embedded database library
    • Medusa: server library for http
  • The new Daemon News eZine is out, with a very good article about backing up using Samba.

  • Bloodhag:

    BlöödHag is a band from Seattle, WA. They are dedicated to the promotion of literacy in a Heavy Metal format. All their songs are short speed metal bios of some of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. With songs such as “J.R.R. Tolkein and “Michael Moorcock” they will blow your illiterate ass right back to the library.

    [via the shifted librarian]

  • Search for book at 7 online bookstores using web-based forms, XML-RPC, or RSS

  • Gooood morning!  My channelroll is foo bar at the moment, I’ll have to fix it tomorrow when I get back to my machine.  Not a big deal.

  • Will Apple go Intel? Someone at CNet thinks so. It would be suprising considering the ‘megahertz myth’ campaign and all. The other hot tip in the article is a perdiction of Dell and Sun teaming up.