Day: August 1, 2002

  • PHP XML Classes: A project hosted at SourceForge that includes an RSS parser among other things.  It looks like a great toolkit that any XMLing PHP-head could use.

  • Get your search on: htdig

  • Cool idea: Recently read radio script.

  • According to the latest blogging ecosystem, I am currently the 61st most prolific linker.  Is this a good thing?

  • Janet Web Cache: An excellent resource for caching, discovered via my access logs.

  • PyXML 0.8 Released: Got python?  Need xml?  Here you go.

  • David Davies picture gallery: I’ll take a look at it later on my home machine.  His weblog is definately a good [geeky] read.

  • AT&T Broadband goes tiered pricing, as CNet reports.  I hope Comcast doesn’t do that to me…

  • YALW (Yet Another Linux Website):  It looks like a solid Linux-oriented news site with a focus on Linux compatibility.  Their newsfeed (backend.php since it is a *nuke site) seems to be broken though, I can’t subscribe to it in Radio.

  • LWN staying open for now: Donations and ads have been pouring in, but they may have to switch to subscriptions for some of their content.  Good luck!

  • Responsible hacking okay: “A White House adviser is urging computer professionals and hackers to do more to help uncover software glitches.”

  • New IBM plant produces circuits smaller than .1 micron.  This is a nice incremental enhancement, since most chips run at .13, .18, or .25 microns.

  • MacCentral reviews the 700 MHz ibook.

  • CLAgg

    I had an idea yesterday evening about a potentially cool program/script, it’ll just be hard finding the time and energy to implement it. 

    CLAgg: Cumulative Link Aggregator.  Scan and RSS feed.  Slurp out the links, possibly downloading a local cache of the links (ala google cache).  Just a thought.

  • Dreamcast as hacking device: The Register reports.

  • O’Reilly’s Mac Dev Center has a good roundup of open-source OSX tools.

  • The Ellen Feiss Store is open for business.  I think I need a frisbee.

  • Open Source: A Case for e-Government: A conference that will take place October 17-18 in Washington, DC, near where I live.  I will hopefully blog the event, assuming I can make it there.  Topics to be covered include:

  • the presentation of best practices
  • raising awareness
  • sharing of experiences among policy makers, donors, users/consumers, universities, and industry specialists in Open Source, e-Government and related fields.
  • It’s just about time for bed.  I finished the SOAP chapter of Web Services Essentials a few minutes ago, and I can’t wait to learn more.  The WSDL chapter comes next.