Day: July 17, 2002

  • Windows .Net Server RC1 is almost ready to ship.

  • Slashdot wraps up H2K2.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I feel the love for Apple.

  • $129 for an incremental upgrade is steep, regardless of how cool it is.

  • From Steve’s MWNY keynote [via MacNN]:

    “Jobs references OS X adoption rate issues raised by Macs. 2.5 million current Mac users. 77% of Mac users keep OS X as default . That means that 5 million OS X users by end of month. That means that 20% of Mac installed base will be using OS X in less 24 months.”

    What this means, in real terms, is that very vew people are actually using OSX.  It’s pretty sad, considering the features and stability.  Many of the mac users I know don’t use OSX yet.  Many were waiting for Photoshop for OSX, now they’ve decided to wait for something else.

    Now I understand why so many developers are upset at the install-base of OSX.  It’s pitiful.  The sad part is that the majority of mac machines out there are just not physically capable of running OSX.  I have an 8500 at home hopped up to a G4-400, and Apple says it can’t run OSX.  I know otherwise, but still.  An 8500 isn’t all that ancient comapred to some machines installed in schools, homes, and offices.

    Hurry up and wait.