Day: July 15, 2002

  • From Metafilter (

    MetaFilter is dead…

    tired. The old server, that is.

    The computer that handles all the sites that reside here is down today for a couple days while I migrate to the new server.

    quick update: through a series of snafus, drive errors, and reboots, it will take a bit longer to get things back online. MetaFilter might not be back tonight (Sunday), but everything (including the other sites) should be around by sometime tomorrow.

    a later update: So it hasn’t quite been the birthday that was intended for the site. Sort of like that time your folks took you to the amusement park for your birthday, and you had that huge lunch, but then that spinning ride made you sick and everyone ended up with little bits of your puke in their hair?

    It’s kind of like that.

  • I am addicted to information

  • Tetris turns 17! The complicated history of the Russian phenomenon is an interesting read.