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SDLQuake on Maemo

Posted: June 3rd, 2005 | Author: | Filed under: Linux, Mobile, Open Source, Projects | 13 Comments »

SDLQuake on Maemo x86

Yep, it had to be done. Above you can see SDLQuake running on Maemo x86. I haven’t tried it on the ARM target but I heard that it or a port of it should run just fine on ARM. Between various emulators and game engines, it shouldn’t be hard at all to amuse yourself with a Nokia 770.

No changes were required for this x86 build. ./configure, make and run-standalone.sh ./sdlquake.

13 Comments on “SDLQuake on Maemo”

  1. 1 MArcelo said at 9:19 pm on June 4th, 2005:

    We also tried quake 1 ( quake sdl )on the maemo, and also on the real device. The bad news : terrible slow. We studied some forms os ARM assembly optimization, but the screen size just kills the performance.

    it runs about 0.5 fps on the real device : /

    I think for this first device.. 3d on be the way to go.. but others emulators could do just fine!

    Best regards

  2. 2 Aapo said at 8:59 am on June 7th, 2005:

    Hi, do you know any projects trying to port Doom for Maemo platform? Personally, I think it is more suitable (i.e. it should run a little bit faster than 0.5 fps 🙂 for Nokia 770. And it would also be quite cool.

    Nice still to have all these classics on Nokia 770. Keep up the good work!

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