Month: November 2007

  • Web Browser for S60: If only I remembered the shortcut key

    I was reading a post on the (unofficial) Nokia Blog detailing the shortcut keys for the S60 Web Browser. I was instantly reminded of my own frustration and how often I had looked at that page of the user manual.

    Web Browser for S60 is easily the most powerful app that ships with new S60 devices. It renders real websites well and quickly using my favorite rendering engine. It packs more features, options, and actions on one screen than any other app that I can think of.

    It comes at a price though. Aside from the two softkeys there aren’t any keys on the device marked specifically for browser actions once you’re in the app. Even better, I usually use the browser in full screen mode to maximize screen real estate, so those two softkeys are now gone.

    It’s still an amazing app, I just distinctly recall the constant remembering and forgetting and looking up of shortcut keys as a big pain point in my enjoyment of the S60 browser. It’s something that I’d love to see addressed, but I’m not sure of an easy way to do so without resorting to touch interfaces or keys (physical or virtual) that change labels given different contexts.

    Mobile browser shortcuts are a lot easier on a device like the N800 or N810 that can dedicate keys to it full time. Or you can go the no-keys approach that seems to be working well for the iPhone.

    I know that those smart Finns will figure it out.

  • Kansas covered by OpenStreetMap!

    I was checking up on the TIGER/Line import to OpenStreetMaps earlier today and I was pleased to see that Kansas is already partially processed! I had emailed Dave the other day and he had queued Kansas up, but I was pleasantly suprised to see it partially processed already. Douglas County is already completely imported and Tiles@Home is currently rendering it up. Parts of Lawrence have already been rendered and cam be seen using the osmarender layer. Here’s 23rd and Iowa:

    Lawrence in OpenStreetMap!

    Andrew Turner had turned me on to OpenStreetMap over beers at Free State and at GIS Day @ KU even though I’ve been reading about it for some time now. So far it seems like an amazing community and I’ve been enjoying digging in to the API and XML format and various open source tools like osmarender, JSOM, and OpenLayers.

    After getting psyched up at GIS Day I’ve been playing with some other geo tools, but more on that later.