Goodbye Business 2.0



Goodbye, friend.

I got my last issue of Business 2.0 in the mail today.

As predicted they’ve offered to send me one month of Fortune for every two months of my remaining subscription. I’ve been offered “equivalent” subscriptions for cancelled publications in the past, but never at a 1:2 ratio.

I might grab a copy of Fortune from the newstand to see if it’s worth it, but I feel like I get enough standard business news from Marketplace and various sources in my feed aggregator. Unless Fortune knocks my socks off I’ll be asking for a refund. It doesn’t help that I’m already unhappy with Fortune/CNN Money for killing my beloved publication.

Goodbye b2. You will be missed.


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  1. GiacomoL Avatar

    Hi Matt, I’m writing here because I can’t find an email address for you…

    Your wiki is broken, I just went to and it’s serving the python script as a regular file instead of executing it. This is also quite dangerous from a security perspective… better fix it asap 🙂