Day: December 22, 2006

  • Wii Internet Channel Drops

    Wii Internet Channel start page on the Wii Channel Wii Internet Channel: Zooming in Google Maps on the Wii Internet Channel

    The Wii Internet channel dropped early this morning. I’m rounding up some screen shots on my Wii Internet Channel flickr set.

    So far it seems pretty usable. Pages are rendered in fullscreen mode (sometimes wtih just a little scrolling if the page is wide. You scroll by hitting the B (trigger) button and moving the Wii remote. Zooming in and out is as simple as hitting the + or – keys. Due to the resolution of my TV it was necessary to zoom in on just about every page I went to. I found that the predictive text interface used while entering text in form fields to be good, definitely on par with my experiences with T9 and the Nokia 770 onscreen keyboard.

    Adding favorites was quite easy (just click the star while you’re on a page then click the add button). After browsing around the web and snapping some pictures I went over to Wiicade to play some flash games.

    I don’t see the Wii Internet Channel becoming my primary browser any time soon but I can’t wait to see more content designed for and adapted to the Wii platform.

    Update: The demo video from Opera does a really good job at taking Opera on the Wii through its paces.

    Opera on the Wii identifies itself as such: Opera/9.00 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 1309-9; en