Day: June 30, 2006

  • Internet Tablet OS 2006 FINAL Drops

    It’s not on the official Nokia software download page yet, but I just flashed my Nokia 770 to the final release of Internet Tablet OS 2006 from the Maemo download page.

    I can’t wait to play with the gizmo 770 client.

    The OS ships with links to, which looks really sweet on the 770 (see more screenshots here):

    Nokia Tableteer

    The application manager also includes and as default repositories. These currently only contain themes and a game, but there is tons of potential here. This is a great way to deploy new software for the 770 without requiring a flash. I would love it if the gizmo client or other official third-party apps end up in the certified repos and it would be great if Nokia made it easy for open source developers to get their software included in the non-certified repository.