Day: April 6, 2006

  • Don’t Be Complacent

    News Designer:

    The new free Baltimore Examiner tab dropped Wednesday, with a bigger circulation than the Baltimore Sun.

    How awful must it be to wake up one morning and have your paper suddenly and abruptly be #2? It could happen to anyone, any time, and with little or no warning.

    We do our best to be painfully aware of that at the Journal-World. Dolph Simons Jr., Chairman of The World Company is quick to remind us, “No one can afford to be complacent as there always is someone who can come into town and beat you at your own business if you do not remain alert and strong.” That quote is on our about us page, though he echoes similar statements in a recent interview with The Kansan, KU‘s newspaper.

    Still, this gutsy move by The Examiner should remind the entire industry to keep on its toes.