My Nokia 770 Is On The Way!




I just got “the email” saying that my Nokia 770 developer device was ready to rock. It’s been ordered up, more when the device arrives!

Update: It’s here, more later.


11 responses to “My Nokia 770 Is On The Way!”

  1. Andrew Turner Avatar

    How did you manage to snag one in the US? I’ve been watching the and other sites and missed what was supposedly a small window to get one.

  2. TareK Avatar

    we just got one in at work and i’m using it to post this comment. what a great piece of kit!

    have you found many usefull apps yet? i’ve only added the status bar app so far (so i can take screenshots).


  3. Martin Jenkins Avatar


    Did you get any further with frodo on nokia 770?

    Good luck,


  4. Larry Avatar

    Nokia 770

    How do you like yours?

    I like it, although I’ve been waiting for pptp/mppe client. Any word on that?


    Enjoy remote surfing..


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