My Nokia 6682 is On The Way!



We ordered up our phones yesterday, a Nokia 6682 for me and a Motorola v551 for her. I kept leaning towards the Nokia 6102 for my wife but kept coming back to the fact that it lacked Bluetooth. As a bonus the v551 is also quad-band so if we find outselves in the UK I’ll have to go back to my 3650 or taco while she can keep using her normal phone.

The phones should be in Wednesday evening; I can’t wait!


4 responses to “My Nokia 6682 is On The Way!”

  1. Erik C. Thauvin Avatar

    Did you get the 6682 for $149.99 with 2 years agreement? Doesn’t sound like much of deal.

    V551, ouch… Good luck with that one, from what I read it’s riddled with problems.

    I should talk… I just got a 2 years agreement with a couple free RAZRs. But at least I have a 6630 to fallback on. But I really wanted something that was going to work in Spain. The RAZR is quad-band too.

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