Day: September 23, 2005

  • Is It Hot in Here?

    No CPU Frequency Scaling

    Breezy Badger has been treating me quite well for the past few weeks. We’ve had our moments, like the other day a software update left me X-less (that was fixed by apt-get dist-upgrade --fix-missing), but all in all I’ve been quite happy.

    Today I was greeted with a note letting me know that my laptop would be running a little warmer and faster than usual after a kernel update. I’m guessing that later today or tomorrow another fix will come out calming things down again. If not, I’ll file a ticket. Things have been amazingly stable considering the sheer quantity of updates that I’ve been applying almost daily.

    The Badger Rules!

    Update: Just as I thought, the kernel update I applied this evening fixed the issue and I’m speed steppin’ again.