PyCon 2006 Call for Proposals




The PyCon 2006 Call for Proposals is out. In addition to the regular sessions and less formal lightning talks, PyCon 2006 will feature longer tutorial sessions on February 23. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it this year, but PyCon is a total blast. Last year it was great to map faces to names and to learn about so many new developments and projects. It’s time to get writing so that there is an excellent and diverse selection of talks again this year!


2 responses to “PyCon 2006 Call for Proposals”

  1. Simon Willison Avatar

    There should be a pretty heavy Django presence this year – it would be cool to meet you there (epecially having missed you at PyCon 2005).

  2. vyvoz stroitelnogo musora spb…

    vyvoz musora…