Christian Lindholm Joins Yahoo!



It’s official. Christian Lindholm has joined Yahoo!

After 10 fantastic years at Nokia I have decided to quit. As of September 12th I will join Yahoo! as VP of Global Mobile Product first based in London and then moving to California late in 2006.

Congrats are in order to both Christian and to Yahoo! I have no doubt that he will keep things headed in the right direction while exploring new sides of the mobile internet that we haven’t even thought to look for yet.


4 responses to “Christian Lindholm Joins Yahoo!”

  1. Christian Avatar

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for those kind words, I will try my best 😉

  2. SW Avatar

    I really feel Christian Lindholm is out of his element here. This man, while working for Nokia, had few ideas himself. Being called the Father of the Series 60 is, without a doubt, overblown. He knows who and where the whole concept comes from. Just ask him about Mother program. And he knows damn well who was the first to develop this interface.

    This man is a political animal. He takes the work of other individuals. There is a long list of people he has done wrong.

    Surely Yahoo should know what lies this man bases his resume on. And surely Yahoo is a company that will see this man is way out of his league.

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