The Emerging Django Job Market




A company in Cincinnati, Ohio is looking for a web developer. Check out the framework they’re using:

We are developing e-commerce sites based on Python and Django framework. Experience in Python, object oriented programming, MySql, PostgreSQL, and other web programming technologies is requested. This person would also be responsible for maintaining other scripts on various websites we maintain and host. The main focus will be on e-commerce development.

It’s great to see jobs emerging for this amazing little framework that has been public for just a month and a half. This one popped up on a feedster search for django in my aggregator. I can’t wait to see where we are a year from now.


11 responses to “The Emerging Django Job Market”

  1. Adrian Holovaty Avatar

    Sweet! Thanks for the heads-up on this.

  2. scott Avatar

    The company owns ljworld and this job is working under the django developers from what I gather from the posting. They are taking what they built for ljworld and other media companies are buying their services.

  3. Matt Croydon Avatar

    Scott: This is for e-commerce stuff, so I’m pretty sure it’s different than papers licensing LJWorld’s CMS.

  4. Clint Ecker Avatar

    hey, I live in Cincinnati 😉 Too bad the job’s already taken 🙁

  5. Eric Avatar

    Ew, Ecommerce, I’m never going back to ECommerce!

  6. Eric Avatar

    At Naples Daily News we have a new position for a Django developer.
    Check out
    for more information.

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