Day: August 13, 2005

  • Don’t Ask if You’re Not Going to Use It

    I was impressed that Matan had managed to get Bochs running on the PSP and thought I’d spread the word a little bit. I hopped over the Engadget and filled out their hot tip form.

    Engadget form

    They didn’t pick up on it last night so I thought they were going to take a pass on it. Lo and behold, they posted about it this morning. I checked it out hoping for a Thanks, Matt link, but no love.

    That kinda bums me out. I wasn’t expecting credit for the tip, but when I saw we’ll give you credit for the assist I thought that was pretty cool. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still look towards Engadget and others for my tech fix, but I can’t help but feel that they’re not keepin’ it real.

    Update: Hey thanks for the comment, Peter. I had a feeling that it had just fallen through the cracks or something. My bummed out thoughts have been more than cancelled out by the fact that he found his way to this lil’ ol’ blog and left a comment.