Day: August 10, 2005

  • Yahoo! News RSS Thumbnails

    I noticed that throughout the day several Yahoo! News RSS feeds that I subscribe to gained a small thumbnail on the left hand side of each entry. It really does a great job of adding a little context to the story and it’s great to have a visual aid while skimming my aggregator. Nice touch!

  • Django Markup Template Tags

    Changeset 467 contains template tags for renderingTextile (using PyTextile), Markdown (using python-markdown), and ReStructured Text (using docutils). You can find usage examples and some basic tests in

    You need to make sure that you have the correct modules installed to do the heavy lifting, but the tags are extremely easy to use:

    • {{ textile_content|textile }}
    • {{ markdown_content|markdown }}
    • {{ rest_content|restructuredtext }}
  • PyCon 2006

    AMK confirms that PyCon 2006 will be held in Dallas on Feb 23-26. I’m sad to see it leave DC, but it sounds like they’re going to get an amazing bang for the buck thanks to the hard work by the D/FW PUG. With the community agog over Django and my continuing interest in Python for Series 60, I’m going to do my best to make it there. It’ll be harder though since I can’t just hop on the metro and head downtown.

  • I Shall Call It Opera Mini

    Via JibberJim on #mobitopia, Opera has released a miniature version of its browser that does some wicked stuff. First off it should run on any J2ME-enabled phone. This increases the potential install footprint dramatically. The other thing they do is parse and render using their desktop technology on the server side, then reformat it to fit a mobile screen. The content is then sent over in Opera Binary Markup Language and displayed by the J2ME client.

    While this is the same basic technology behind WAP 1.0, Opera have definitely “done it right.” Opera Mini is currently available in Norway, but I can’t wait to see this go worldwide.

    Update: Carlo has further coverage at MobHappy.