The Django Shuffle




Lots of changes are happening in the newly formed Django world these days. Tons of bugfixes and feature additions have been streaming in to the subversion repository. One of my recent favorites is Changeset 384 which adds a inspectdb command. It’s not perfect yet but it should help out people trying to integrate existing databases with Django. The new command will do its darndest to output a Django model given a particular database name.

In other news, congrats to Eric (slashzero) on the new gig in Naples and to Adrian (adrian_h) on his new gig at The Washington Post.

Update: Hugo’s at it again and has notes on using Django with Apache and mod_fcgi which build on his experience with Django, lighthttpd and FastCGI.


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  1. Eric Moritz Avatar

    Thanks again Matt. I’m very excited!

    Ah, Adrian, your the fellow going to work for the Washington Post, Rob told me that one of his old employees were going to work for them. That’s freaking awesome, good luck man!

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