Day: July 26, 2005

  • Django + lighttpd + FastCGI

    Hugo has taken the plunge and provides installation instructions for Django + lighttpd + FastCGI. Thanks, Hugo!

  • Nokia 6682 For $25?

    Nokia 6682I’ve been rabidly checking Cingular, Amazon, and LetsTalk for pricing and availability on the Nokia 6682 on contract. I believe that I’ve struck paydirt today.

    According to this link on Amazon (yeah I tacked my associate ID on there), the 6682 will be available for $25 after rebates and activation. Let me break it down: $174.99 up front with activation – $150 mail in rebate = $24.99. The kicker of course is that (as of 7:30AM EDT) the phone isn’t yet available.

    Amazon has been known to be a little trigger happy on new products, but the sheer fact taht it’s listed online today and wasn’t 2 days ago is a very good sign. I’m going to be refreshing this page every 5 minutes or so until the 6682 is available, so please allow me a spot in line, as this is one of those deals that are best mentioned after you’ve picked one up.