Day: July 12, 2005

  • Wapipedia

    I saw this fly by on textually the other day but didn’t get a chance to really look at it until yesterday, and I’m kinda hooked. What am I talking about? Wapipedia, of course

    Wapipedia allows you to search the content of Wikipedia and view it on a modern phone. It will probably choke older WAP 1.0 based phones, but anything that can handle WAP 2.0/XHTML-MP should be quite happy.

    The design does a good job of working quite well on both a mobile device and a browser. It’s a bit minimalistic in a browser, but you know what, it’s usable in both. I really like sites like that. Russ has done a few and I’ve stared (but not finished) a few projects that pull of the same thing.

    I think we’ll see more sites like this in the future, unless it’s just me that gets warm fuzzies when using sites like this.