Nokia Bluetooth Headset (HS-12W)



Nokia Bluetooth Headset

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the FCC website recently looking for approval of the Nokia 6682 (time is running out) as well as the Nokia 770. A few days ago I saw a version of Charlie from Nokia Japan be approved (interesting but not noteworthy since it was the 900/1800/1900 and I don’t see t-mobile picking it up…) Today I stumbled upon an interesting new bluetooth headset that looks almost like an iPod shuffle with stereo headphones.

I haven’t been quite as rabid about product announcements lately, so I might have missed this one fly by. It looks kinda neat, though how excited I would be about it might depend on its price point.


6 responses to “Nokia Bluetooth Headset (HS-12W)”

  1. ceng shi ming Avatar

    wow, I like this one…
    I am now using Nokia HS-21W with my Treo 650, I now lots of ppl have prblem in paring bt headset with Treo 650, but I found HS-21W a perfect match, and now I am waiting for the stereo ones…HS-12W…

  2. match play…

    This article reminds me of a little 8 minute film(?) I watched the other day….

  3. Dilon Avatar

    This is look like a simple. But how the resulting sound if i want to listen music?

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