DLP on the Big Screen



Last weekend I saw Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith in one of the handful of theatres (I count 4) in the DC-Virginia-Frederick-Baltimore metro area equipped with DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. Just like Mike Washlesky at The Mac Observer, I was blown away. I first noticed the crispness and clarity when the first preview splash screen came up and was blown away by the effects and their digital projection throughout the movie. The movie won’t top my greats list but it was a lot of fun and great to see in digital.

Further reading:

  • Episode III Digital Theater List: Make sure you find the one digital theater, buy your tickets online, and show up early for a good seat.
  • DLPMovies: An excellent place to find your local DLP theater (if there is one). DLPMovies found more theaters in my area than the ones showing Star Wars, including one that is currently showing Madagascar in DLP.
  • DLP.com: A lot of marketing, but it boils down to amazing picture quality and an insane contrast ratio.
  • DLP Wikipedia entry: Excellent information as always.


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