Day: May 12, 2005

  • Google Buys Dodgeball

    Thanks to and the guys at O’Reilly Radar, I saw the fact that Google snagged Dodgeball fly by my aggregator this morning.

    It’s always exciting to see a small company that you know a smidgen about get snagged by one of the big companies out there. At the same time I’ve got to say that I’ve always been a bit dissapointed with the commercialized version of Dodgeball.

    I saw a presentation on Dodgeball a couple of years ago at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology conference. It was still in a research phase but sounded very cool. By the time Dodgeball came to market it was a lot less event and a lot more emphasis had been put on social networking during the social networking bubble.

    While I’m no longer excited about Dodgeball as I was years ago, it’s good to see a research project make it to commercial launch and then get picked up by as big a name as Google. If they got plucked by the big G, they have to be doing something right.