Day: April 18, 2005

  • Perl for Series 60

    Via the guys at Mobitopia, it looks like there’s a patch to get Perl running on Series 60:

    Please find attached the port of Perl 5.8.x and 5.9.x to the Symbian smartphone platform. The port is known to work in the Nokia Series 60 phones, but there is no reason other Series 60 or Symbian devices shouldn’t work. (Series 60 is a software platform on top of the Symbian operating system.) The port is copyright Nokia and licensed under the same terms as Perl itself. More details and the patches can be found in the file README-symbian-patch.txt included in the attached .tar.bz2, and in the README.symbian file.

    Don’t expect it to be pretty, but it’s great to see it “out in the wild.”

    Who will be the first to post an unofficial build?