UIQ 3.0 SDK Released!



Wow, it seems like I’ve been waiting for this for years. Oh wait, I have. Today UIQ released an SDK for their new flagship product, UIQ 3.0. The SDK is designed to work with either Metroworks CodeWarrior Development Studio for Symbian or Borland’s C++ BuilderX.

For more information and to download a trial version of the UIQ 3.0 SDK, visit their web site.

Yes, this is a lame April Fools joke. I wish it wasn’t though. Jim and I have been excited about the prospects of UIQ3 since it was pre-pre-pre-pre-announced what feels like years ago now. It has the potential to rock the low to mid-range market bringing “real apps” and “a real OS” to those free-to-inexpensive on contract phones. The other thing that rocks about it is that one code base can scale from low-end uniprocessor devices to top notch touchscreen and/or QWERTY devices. It’s really exciting. I just want it to see the light of day.


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