I’ve been hearing the word Quicksilver being thrown around quite a lot lately in Apple circles. After looking at the website I can’t help but think that there will be an eerily similar feature in OSX 10.5 . It just seems like it’s good enough to be placed alongside Watson and Konfabulator in the list of apps that Apple has rip^H^H^Hemulated and baked in to the OS.


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  1. Simon Willison Avatar

    I’ve got to disagree on that one. QuickSilver indexes your applications, address book and files in the folders you specify, all by name only. Spotlight (in OS X 10.4) does a full-text index of every file on your hard drive – and exposes the results as an API as well as an application. In fact, the QuickSilver developer is planning on using the Spotlight API in future releases of QuickSilver.

  2. Matt Croydon Avatar

    Hey thanks for the heads up, Simon. Spotlight had slipped my mind. Speaking of stuff baked in to the OS, I don’t think I’d be able to function without Expose on the Mac. It’s really handy.

  3. Eric Avatar

    And I have to disagree with your comments on Watson and Konfabulator. The differences between Watson, Sherlock, Konfabulator and Dashboard have been endlessly debated. I feel that if a developer has something groundbreaking, they should look into a patent. I paid for Konfabulator but eventually found that it offered little functionality while using plenty of resources. This mentality supports the idea that Apple should have never made iMovie, iTunes or any application for the matter. I like that Apple pushes developers to be creative. In the end, I will use the application that meets my needs.

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  5. uacooking Avatar

    QuickSilver developer is planning on using the Spotlight API in future releases of QuickSilver.

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