Day: February 25, 2005

  • Orange Code Camp

    Orange Code Camp

    One of the gems in the latest edition of Symbian Community News is a link toward the bottom to the Orange Code Camp in Sarasota, Florida. It’s scheduled for April 18-20 and sounds like an amazing bargain at $249 for 72 hours of hardcore learning and coding. From the program it looks like they’re going to cover the spectrum from basic technologies to Windows Mobile, J2ME, and Symbian development. It looks like there will also be resources set up to assist you in hacking together that killer mobile app.

    The bang/buck ratio seems quite good here. $249 seems extremely cheap for a 3 day coding intensive miniconference. If money were no object I’d be there, but I’ve already commited to attending PyCon, another conference with an awesome value factor. I’m hoping to get a Python for Series 60 BoF session together during PyCon. If anyone attends the Orange Code Camp, please please please blog about it.