Day: February 10, 2005

  • Lock Down Your Aerials: The 2005 Brit Awards

    The Brits were taped yesterday and are airing tonight on ITV. Since Comcast doesn’t carry ITV (only the watered down BBC America), I was elated to find that BBC News took notes on the winners. I was glad to see that Mike Skinner (aka The Streets) picked up the British male solo artist award. I loved his debut Original Pirate Material. His newest, A Grand Don’t Come for Free is best listened to from cover to cover, as it all fits together in a well-told story. Both albums have enjoyed heavy rotation in my car CD player as well as at home on the computers. They’re really top notch work.

    Other hilights from the awards are that Franz Ferdinand didn’t dominate quite as much as was expected. I think there’s a bit more hype for them then they deserve. Other big winners include Keane and Joss Stone. The Scissor Sisters sadly dominated the international category. I’ve heard most of their album and I guess I just don’t get it.

    Congrats to the winners, including my underdog favourite The Streets.