Day: January 23, 2005

  • Yet Another Reason to Attend PyCon DC 2005

    Here is one more reason to attend PyCon 2005:

    #16. Python for Series 60

    Erik Smartt / Nokia

    UPDATE 2005-01-04:

    A presentation where the Product Manager and one of the engineers do a joint presentation to quickly introduce and demonstrate the port, then cover the technical issues of porting and developing extensions

    In addition to the planned presentation, it would be great to get together a Series 60 Python BoF session or some time in the open space for further meets, greets, and hacking. What do you think? Let us know in the wiki.

  • The Taco Lives: N-Gage Spam

    For all the naysayers out there, I present proof that the taco is not dead. I mean really, if someone out there is sending spam featuring an N-Gage QD alongside a Nintendo DS, it can’t possibly be “dead” can it?