Day: January 21, 2005

  • WHFS Resurrected on 105.7: Good or Bad?

    I received the following email tonight:

    Dear Matthew,

    Last Wednesday, January 12th, at 12 noon WHFS signed off the air…

    YOU protested, YOU called, and YOU wanted HFS back! Well, someone heard you…

    Listen tonight at 7 PM to LIVE 105.7 Baltimore to witness the return of The Legendary HFS. Thank you, because without YOU this never could have happened.

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. I feel like I’ve been played. WHFS, a station sucking and going down in flames suddenly goes off the air without notice. Loyal fans and people who remember it from 20 years ago are pissed. Immediately the morning show returns to its roots on WJFK. Then, a week or so later, it’s announced that WHFS is back, this time on 105.7, a station that Infinity hasn’t been sure what to do with for some time now. The new HFS will share the air with Howard stern and Don and Mike

    It just feels so… rehearsed.

    Update: DCRTV liks to a Radio and Records article with more information. now points to this radio AOL page.

    I still feel played, but I have to admit I’m excited too. On one hand I feel like the WHFS brand is getting whored around and beaten to death. On the other, I’m glad to have HFS back.