Day: December 23, 2004

  • PyCon DC 2005 Registration Open

    Steve Holden:

    Following my last message, I am pleased to be able to
    announce that you can register for PyCon DC 2005 on the
    web at

    Rock on! PyCon DC is probably one of the best bang/buck conferences out there, and it’s right in my backyard! I hope to see everyone there this year.

  • Extending Python for Series 60

    This morning Jim pointed me to some extension modules for Series 60 Python by the Personal Distributed Information Store project. While I’m very excited to see Series 60 Python specific releases, you don’t have to go to that much trouble to get a working xml parser. There’s a perfectly good xml parser built right in to Python 2.2.2.

    You’ll probably not find this written anywhere obvious, but here’s what works quite well for getting a much more complete Python environment on your Series 60 device:

    1. Grab the Python 2.2.2 source tarball.
    2. tar xzvf or do whatever it takes to decompress the file.
    3. Insert your MMC to a card reader or plug in your taco via USB.
    4. Drag the boatload of .py files and subfolders in lib to E:SYSTEMLIBS (you did install to the MMC, right?) making sure not to overwrite any existing files.
    5. Import xml.dom.minidom or whatever library you need.

    I’m sure there are modules that just plain won’t work. Nokia have already included a lot of the basics (thank you thank you thank you for getting urllib working!). If the public release is anything like the pre-release software, the xml parsers and a few other things should work just fine. I spot-cheked a few examples from Dive Into Python on the prerelease and the xml-related stuff worked fine.

    Update: In the comments attached to this post, effbot clarifies:

    Adding the xml python package won’t help you if you don’t have an XML parser; pyexpat adds exactly that.