/me is back.

It’s been a long couple of months and I apologize for the hiatus. It’s a long story for another day, but lets put it this way, I’m back! I’ve moved from Radio Userland to WordPress. I promise that I’ll share my (semi-painful and procrastination-ridden) migration process in due time.

The .css that is currently driving the site is Dots by Alex King, which I’m currently tweaking. I’ve still got some random bits that I need to find and url rewrite to fit the new engine, but I’ve done my best to keep the old permalinks. If you find something that’s whacky, please drop me a line at matt at the domain ooiio.com. Thanks!


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  1. C.K. Sample, III Avatar

    Hi, Matt,
    Good to see you back. I just switched to WordPress too and my TrackBacks aren’t working. Do they work for you? ping me back…

  2. Matt Raible Avatar

    Welcome back – I was wondering what the hell happened to you. I think I need to take a hiatus myself. 😉

  3. Sample the Web Avatar
    Matt Croydon::Postneo 2.0 » /me is back.
    Cool. Somewhere in all the shifting sites, I’d lost track of Matt. Today I found him: Matt Croydon::Postneo 2.0 » /me is back.

  4. C.K. Sample, III Avatar

    Nevermind. Got the trackbacks working. h00t!

  5. Serdar Kilic Avatar

    woohoo! Good to see you back again!

  6. Josh Cooper Avatar

    Matt good to see you back.

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    Cool. Somewhere in all the shifting sites, I’d lost track of Matt. Today I found him: Matt Croydon::Postneo 2.0 » /me is back.

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