A Little Bit of Jill Sobule in Ashlee Simpson



I had MTV on in the background this morning as obscure Olympic coverage on Bravo and MSNBC was a bit lacking. Among the videos that flew by was an Ashlee Simpson video, which I’m sure isn’t new but it was new to me. I kept thinking one thing over and over while listening to the video for “Pieces of Me”: Jill Sobule.

Jill Sobule is an obscure almost-mainstream pop/folk girl whose big hit was “I kissed a girl” and also sung “Supermodel” on the Clueless soundtrack. She’s a pretty amazing artist and the stuff that has never hit the airwaves is so much better. I’ve got all but one of her albums and have seen her a few times at little coffee houses and college campuses.

I haven’t heard Ashlee Simpson’s entire album, but a few snippets remind me a lot of Sobule, while overall she’s got a sound quite her own.